Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blood Orange Lemonade

I took a weekend off of wedding planning and decided to make this blood orange lemonade. It was just what I needed, especially since it was in the 80s yesterday! This lemonade is not even really a recipe since it's super easy.

First I made lemonade, you can do this with a mix or fresh lemons or both. I poured the lemonade over crushed ice, squeezed fresh blood orange juice into the glass and stirred. I used about a quarter cup of blood orange juice for two glasses. The color is perfect for spring and summer!

I topped off each glass with slices of lemon and blood orange. Oh my the way this is my first photo shoot with my new camera! I love it! I converted over to Canon...and I don't think I will turning back.

I also made burgers to go with this awesome drink! Feels like summer already! I love summer, but that means our wedding date is coming up fast. Umm 3 months actually. WHERE IS THE TIME GONE? Just the other day we got engaged and still had 2 years to plan. We just sent our invitations last keeps feeling more real. We bought our plane tickets for out honeymoon a month ago. I am not sure why we are going to Arizona in August, I mean it's going to be awesome, but really I think I am going to melt.

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